Magna Clean Magnetic Filter

The Magna Clean filter is a high efficiency magnetic filter which removes virtually 100% of circulating sludge.

This comes from iron oxide deposits in your central heating system and removing these can help keep your system operating at its best.

Even a small amount of sludge in the system can dramatically decrease its efficiency, causing cold spots in your radiators and reduce the lifespan of your boiler.

Magna Clean

Using MagnaClean could help you consume less energy, whilst keeping your home warm, and lead to lower heating bills.

  • Provides on going boiler maintenance,
  • Improves and maintains central heating efficiency by up to 6%, helping to keep fuel bills under control,
  • Lowers your home’s carbon emissions by up to 220kg a year,
  • Reduces iron deposit blockages in the central heating system,
  • Helps avoid breakdowns and extends the life of your boiler and components,
  • Our Gas Safe registered engineers can fit a Magna Clean filter on your system,